Saturday, 25 June 2022
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Library Of Yale University

The Library of the American University Yale has old books of hundreds of years. The number of books here is over one and a half crore. Great care is taken to protect these books and to prevent them from rotting.

If there is a fire, the library has an automatic system that can lower the oxygen level to protect the books so much that the fire cannot spread any further. 

At present, the number of books in only one library in the United States is so great that even if the libraries of all Muslim countries are combined, the number of these books would not be equal to that one library. The Library of Congress has 170 million books. These books cover 800 mailbook shelves.

At present, one of the forty largest libraries in the world, the Muslim world with a population of two billion, has a library with only half a million books. This library in Alexandria, Egypt is safe because it is the oldest library in the world. 

At present, Pakistan's largest library has only 300,000 books. A large number of these books also support the state's position and there are very few books which can arouse the sentiments of the nation as well as increase their knowledge and promote science and research.

Today, none of our older generation can read even twenty books till the age of thirty, and all they can read are the sugar-coated brainwashing novels of Ashfaq Ahmed, Umairah and Nimrah, in which the Quranic verses are explained in their demands. This was done so that the characters of the novel could walk and sell their thieves. 

Becoming a superpower is not an easy task. At present, some libraries in the United States have a combined volume of up to one billion books. Each book sells millions of copies every year and there are no readers here.

Try to gift your children at least ten books a year. Here are the names of the first five of the ten books you would like to gift.

Factfulness, Sapiens, Astrophysics for people in a hurry, 12 rules for life, The book thief.

The rest of the five books, when your children have read, will be mentioned in one of my posts. If you haven't read these books then buy a second hand book or pdf today and read them because they are a treasure trove of knowledge and action while the last book is based on good fiction. Remember that more than 50 million copies of these five books have been sold and this is one of the best books.

If you can afford it, make sure you have a small library in your home and have your children sit there for at least two days a month for five to six hours. After two or three years you will tell me the difference between how our child has changed and is moving in the right direction.

We have to promote book reading and quality book reading, which is free from any kind of extremism otherwise we can never become a great nation.