Saturday, 25 June 2022
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Best Age For Getting Married

A study of more than 50, 000 women in the United States found that girls who have an affair until the age of 20 and have an affair with a man who is living together and having sex with a man they do not marry have a divorce rate of more than 30% higher than that of a normal couple.

The divorce rate is 15% higher for girls between the ages of 20 and 30 who have sex with a man and marry him. While, girls who choose a straight man and fall in love with him after marriage have the lowest divorce rate and their marriages are the most successful.

Similarly, couples who do not live together before marriage due to religious restrictions have a lower divorce rate than those who are non-religious couples or live together before marriage.

Similarly, for girls who have had an affair in the early 20's and do not intend to marry this man, the best age for marriage is 30 years, when the chances of divorce decrease.

I find the results of this study to be somewhat correct in my own society as well, and that is why I am in favor of getting married before the age of 20, if possible, before the age of twenty-five, and to end the cycle of mutual love. I am in favor of completing it later, because in love, the servant offers many things by exaggerating or exaggerating, while in life, every human being is also angry and has flaws, so it is too late to start a family by accepting them.

Note: All my posts that are related to Psychology are intended to tell you the results of a research that applies to you or American or Western study will apply to our society then my opinion.