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Veronika Decides To Die

The novel centered around Villete, a mental hospital, and primarily follows the lives of Veronika, Dr. Igor, Eduard, Zedka, and Mari. Veronika, exhausted by her bizarre life and monotonous routine, decides to end her life.

Despite having everything for a conventional life, she rejects it. She commits suicide, leaving a letter as a "death note" to a magazine, playfully questioning the whereabouts of Slovenia, her country, to add intrigue to her death. However, contrary to her wish, she survives and awakens in Villette. Doctors inform her that her heart is damaged due to the poison, giving her only a few weeks to live.

In Villette, Veronika meets Zedka, who battles depression triggered by a serotonin deficiency. Zedka learned Astral Journey during her treatment, she could go everywhere she wanted to go. Through Zedka's guidance, Veronika embraces her unique form of madness. Villete offers a judgment-free haven where individuals express themselves freely.

Mari, a competent lawyer, joins Villete after experiencing panic attacks and losing her beloved husband. She aids Veronika in self-expression without judgment and discovers Veronika's hidden talent for playing the piano. Aware of her impending death, Mari's presence transforms the lives of everyone in the institution.

Veronika's interactions with Eduard, a silent appreciator of her nightly piano music, create a deep bond between them. Together, they escape from Villete and survive beyond her expected demise. Dr. Igor's research on using medication to curb bitterness in humans succeeds, preventing Veronika from attempting suicide again. Mari and Zedka depart Villette, embodying the delicate balance between positive and negative forms of madness.

The story's core message underscores the necessity of both kinds of madness for a harmonious life. Paulo Coelho, a magus with his pen, beautifully brings this narrative to life, inviting readers to understand the madness within them. This book is a must-read for its profound insights. By refining the language, sentence structure, and grammar, its impact could be further elevated.