Thursday, 22 February 2024
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Removal Of Monument

The recent activities of the developing work all over Karachi City are highly commendable. Wherein, multiple tasks are carried out by the Sindh Government as such re-building and construction of dilapidated sewerage system, pedestrian ways, flyovers, underpasses, rehabilitation of Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) and modern Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) etc. Which are the long-lasting desire of the citizen of this city.

In this context, one bad thing is heard by the various resources and different news channels of the country that the oldest and historical World Globe mounted in front of the Islamia College Karachi would be removed soon from its place due to hurdle in the way of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT).

The World Globe has a historical background of the City, where various generations are raised and grown up by seeing this monument and it has been seen in various old Pakistanis movies as well. BRT is our dream, our ultimate desire an urgent requirement of the citizen for commuting easily. Still, on the basis of development, we would never grant permission or tolerate to destroy of our historical assets which have more importance than BRT.

A few days ago, I personally visited the recently renovated Denso Hall Library and the adjacent street having zero pollution. It was remarkable work done by the private NGO to preserve our National Assets and the beauty of the City.

In this perspective, I would urge to the concerned authorities to look into the matter for the preservation of the national monument without hurdling BRT planning.