Thursday, 18 April 2024
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K-IV Water Project

The availability of clean drinking water is the oldest dream of the residents of Karachi. History has shown that the highest tax-paying city is deprived of its fundamental rights just for the lack of and bad governance of the Provincial Government of Sindh.

A few days ago, in an inauguration ceremony of the K-IV Project our foreign minister made a shocking claim, he said that he purchases the water through a tanker, operating in the entire city of Karachi. It could be a political statement to avoid and not to take responsibility for the vulnerability of the government but this revelation has sparked outrage and shed light on the dire state of water scarcity in Karachi. This statement also thrust the issue of water scarcity in Karachi into the spotlight once again.

It serves as a stark reminder that urgent action and comprehensive strategy, constructive planning is needed to address the water crisis, dismantle the tanker mafia, and implement sustainable solutions for the long-term benefit of the city's residents. It is imperative for the government, civil society, and citizens to come together and work towards ensuring access to clean and safe water, a fundamental right for every individual.

This shameful admission by the PPP’s apex leader has raised serious questions about the government's ability, and vulnerability not to tackle the water crisis effectively. Critics argue that the failure of authorities should be brought to justice and responsible be punished.

According to the foreign minister, he found himself in a desperate situation where he had no choice but to rely on the services of the tanker mafia. This shadowy network, known for its illegal control over water distribution, charges exorbitant prices for tankers filled with water. The minister's revelation sheds light on the challenges faced not only by ordinary citizens but also by those in positions of power.

The colossal responsibility for this crisis goes to the PPP government ruling in Sindh for more than 14 years. A single water problem is a severe challenge for the champion of the democratic party of Sindh.