Tuesday, 05 December 2023
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    Indicators Of Economic Stability

    Despite constant pressure and threats by the European Union and USA, who are willing to target Russian Oil "the main artery of Russia's economy", Russia earned almost $100bn (£82bn) in revenue from fossil fuel exports in the first 100 days of the country's invasion of Ukraine, whilst, a fall in exports. Let me make you sure that Russia had won the second world war on the basis and power of his natural resources as well.

    In this context, the case and scene are very different in our country. We are failed to make a comprehensive strategy to adequately utilize and generate revenue from our natural resources.

    Since the IMF and World Bank-dictated economic policies and foisted upon us, we are more vulnerable to produce our natural treasures on a large scale. This dwindling sign is seriously alarming to our economy.

    The situation is pretty good in our neighboring countries that China has continued to buy Iranian oil despite US sanctions on Tehran. The shipments are continued without any fear and sanctions. If China buys Iranian oil, why we are not getting Iranian oil on the cheapest value offered by the Iranian authority to Pakistan.

    I am sure just one big natural treasure as we have discovered shortly in Thar "Coal" as a fossil fuel can get out our jeopardized economy from the dangers. The other hands crops such as wheat, cotton and sugarcane are good economic indicators and can be export largely to generate revenue.