Thursday, 22 February 2024
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Ghost Schools

No doubt Corruption on its peak in the entire country but its level particularly in Sindh is very high. I would like to draw the true story about the Ghost Schools running very successfully for a long time. At least there are eleven thousand ghost schools in the Province of Sindh established on the papers, but the ground reality is that these schools do not exist. The salaries of the teachers, the uniform of the students and the maintenance charges are regularly drawn from the treasury department of Sindh.

On the other hand, the dilemma and misery are that seven million children cannot go to school. It is an open fact that corruption in government departments has increased to such an extent that you cannot even do your legitimate work without paying money.

How mockery, and looks ironic that it is going and happening under the nose of NAB and Apex Courts. These two supreme organizations are unable to do anything or take any action against these government institutions, which are immersed in corruption from head to toe.

Deep-down thinking says that vulnerable, volatile, unstable weak systems, where justice is not available for the poor, corruption would be flourished every coming day. It has been observed keenly that since the previous regime was ousted through a no-confidence vote, the political temperature all over the country has risen sharply. As a result, unrest in society is increasing and parallel corruption is also on the high rise. The keyboard warriors playing a devilish game to create anarchy in the country.

To protect social values and the entire social structure, corruption would be eradicated from every walk of life making a comprehensive and concrete strategy.