Thursday, 22 February 2024
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9th May Incident

It would be in the national interest, if the clean and crystal inquiry should be started about the 9th May incident, which is a stain on our forehead. Moreover, people involved through social media should also be trialled for spreading terror and inciting people for abetting mutiny and to attack military installations across the country on the same day right after the PTI chief Imran Khan’s arrest. The day violent protests erupted. During the protest, a colossal loss has been reported as such military installations including the Lahore corps commander’s residence and state properties were damaged across Pakistan.

Similarly, such tweets, WhatsApp groups and other social media activists should be arrested as they were inciting and favouring people to attack military installations, spread terrorism and create chaos in the country. Such keyboard warriors set a bad example to weaken the army and increase terrorism in the country and inciting terrorist activities and spreading fear in the country. As a result a development that sparked countrywide protests amid incidents of vandalism and violence.

Evidence shows that there are three thousand two hundred people are identified, who were involved in a planned conspiracy, aiding anti-state agencies, defaming the military and attempting to create mutiny in the army by their act.

Following the episode, the military termed the day a dark chapter in the country’s history and resolved to bring to justice all those involved in the vandalism.

It serves as a stark reminder that the authorities concerned to take stringent steps to bring the arsonists, who attacked the civil and military installations to justice through trial under relevant laws, including the Pakistan Army Act and Official Secrets Act.

9th May incident also sparked outrage in the patriotic circles of the country and shed light on the dire state of immediate action and control over the perpetrators, who were involved in the vandalism. The shameful admission for occurring such incidents by the PTI’s leader Imran Khan has raised serious questions about the mindset and terror activities of the political party.