Saturday, 26 November 2022
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UAE To Step Into The World Of "Metaverse"

The United Arab Emirates, which prides itself on its skyscrapers in the world and has also launched a Mars mission, is now stepping into the depths of the metaverse. Now Dubai is going to make such a world a reality, which till now has been inhabited by ideas. The name of this world is "Metaverse". Metaverse is a scientific term that is being worked on by the world's most famous scientific institutions.

What is the Metaverse? This the most unique technique ever seen in the cyber world. In Metaverse you can enter a virtual world connecting all kinds of digital environments. It will feel just like the real world. It will have a sense of social life beyond borders. Facebook has announced that it is going to hire 10, 000 people in Europe to develop Metaverse. It's a concept that some are talking about as the future of the Internet.

What exactly is it? Some believe that the metaverse may be the future beyond the Internet. Like the 1980s, after the era of the first common mobile, the modern smartphone is now invented. In Metaverse you can enter a virtual world connecting all kinds of digital environments. It will feel just like the real world. It will have a sense of social life beyond borders.

The metaverse is defined as the world beyond the Internet. The internet has turned the world into a global village, while the metaverse will bring the world into your living room. The person you want to talk to, even though he is thousands of miles away, will be right in front of you in such a way that you will be able to feel his presence. These things may seem like a dream, but there is rapid progress in this direction, and there are many devices in the market that take you to another world, and you put yourself in the role of these characters.

Currently, the metaverse is limited to video games, but experts see it as an important area of ​​real life in the coming years. Scientists say that the next world belongs to the metaverse. You could be sitting at home shopping in one of Europe's biggest markets, or spending some time in a quiet, scenic, relaxing, and beautiful location. Or sitting inside a conference with other participants, or looking out over the city from the top floor windows of the Burj Khalifa.

As soon as you remove the device from your head, you will be back in your own room, but your journey in the metaverse will not be a dream, but what you have done during this journey will be a reality. Scientists say that the metaverse is a reality for years to come. All work done in the Metaverse will be real, and a large part of the world's business will move to the Metaverse.

The United Arab Emirates wants to be credited with leading business and life in the Metaverse, just as it has the distinction of having masterpieces such as the Burj Khalifa and the Museum of the Future. For this purpose, the UAE government has established an office in the Museum of the Future. The purpose of establishing this office is to conduct business with key companies around the world in the Metaverse, and even sign bilateral agreements with foreign governments.

UAE Minister of Economic Affairs Abdullah bin Touq Al Marri inaugurated the Dubai Metaverse Assembly at the Museum of the Future, the first such initiative by a government. On this occasion he said that we have trained our employees in such a way that they will take themselves deep into the metaverse. They will use the Metaverse, and be in contact with future generations of the Metaverse.

The rulers of the United Arab Emirates believe that the metaverse is an emerging sector of sustainability, which will contribute four billion dollars to the national income by 2030 and create 40, 000 new employment opportunities. With the speed with which the world is changing, especially Pakistan and generally the Islamic countries of the whole world, if they develop at the same speed, there is no possibility that they will not be able to compete with the world's challengers.

The progress of the Dubai government in this regard is commendable.